How many times have you done it, or heard the screams from the rear of your vehicle as your partner kicks it? It doesn’t have to be this way, it doesn’t have to hurt, let alone bruise, just slip on the Towbar Safety Cover and walking behind your vehicle becomes that much safer.


It is just so easy to forget, just out of eye-sight, but at shin height the silent tow bar lays in wait for its next victim.

Caught too many times Paul thought there had to be a solution and started testing safety covers to put on tow bars. No more ouch became the objective and catch cry. After several tests, including impact testing, ease to fit, durability, adaptability to different shapes, the Tow Bar Safety Cover was created.

Now you can protect your shins and just as importantly your partners and kids. Order your Tow Bar Safety Cover here.

Tow Bar Safety Cover is not available at stores. Deal direct with the creator. An ideal gift.

If you tow a boat, camper trailer, car trailer, bike trailer, 6×4 trailer, even a tinnie save your shins, get a Tow Bar Safety Cover.